Fine Art by Marcia Marshall

Fine Art by Marcia Marshall

Grief has it’s own rhythm, it ebbs and flows as it must. One person in this process, Marcia Marshall, a Chicago area portrait artist, began drawing portraits of loved ones who have passed away as part of her healing journey.
Touched by the energy and passion of her work, Chicago Jewish Funerals has invited Marcia to share her evocative portraits with our community. Once a month, we will feature one of her ink portraits. We hope you find Marcia’s artwork to be as comforting, joyful and expressive as we do.

Being a portrait artist is not simply about capturing the likeness of a person. I believe it’s deeply evocative soul work. The lyrical movement of my hand, as I draw or paint, is the conduit for expression. It’s a spiritual process….infused with energy, connection and heart. Each unique portrait becomes a warm memory of the individual who died.

Meet Bubbe, a cherub of a woman who effused joy. The wide gap in her teeth added to her charm. She and I “met” on my easel and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful lady. I know her grand daughter cherishes this portrait because it exudes her Bubbe’s love and vibrancy.


Marcia L. Marshall

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