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When you really need compassion, care, comfort and professionalism you can count on Chicago Jewish Funerals. My family has needed CJF on more than one occasion and each time they have gone above and beyond our expectations. Thank you.
For a year we thought we were working with a small family business. That's the kind of care David and his staff provide. You feel like you're part of HIS family. His is actually a very comprehensive organization with great attention to detail and incredible follow through. No request is too big or small. David's caring and compassionate approach is what we needed. He prepared us for what would happen when one of our parents died and then was with us every step of the way through the funeral to the unveiling almost a year later. We would recommend David and his team without reservation. We don't know how he does it but we're so grateful for the commitment he has made to making sure that this part of the lifecycle is handled with dignity and grace. With enormous appreciation, Rachel, Adam and Kerana Kraft
David Jacobson and his team did an amazing job of helping our family through the most difficult of times. Whenever we needed them, and whatever we needed, they were there to treat us with the same kindness they would treat their own family. From the time David met with us to help us plan and prepare for what was coming, through the service, the shiva, and even the paperwork later, they were not only professional and considerate, but most importantly of all they were caring! Thank you to the entire team.
My father's funeral was held on May 30 at the Skokie location. I can't say enough good things about the staff who worked with us and reassured us on that day. Susan Winkelstein was present with me and my family before, during, and after the service, and it was a relief to have her accompanying us and helping us with questions and contingencies large and small. I also appreciated our lovely driver, Shalom. And I had forgotten how really beautiful the grounds are. Thank you, Chicago Jewish Funerals, for the comfort you provided at a difficult time.
While it's an unfortunate (and often times unexpected) circumstance when a loved one passes away, it can also be extremely stressful trying to figure out "what's next". When my Mom passed away somewhat unexpectedly a few months ago, we were recommended to call CJF in Buffalo Grove, and not only were they there for us in less than an hour, they took care of everything that we needed to do (and know) soup to nuts. They truly helped us manage a chaotic and stressful 4 days of choosing, planning, arranging, supporting, contacting, etc. They really did bend over backwards to make this experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Not that I look forward to having to deal with a circumstance like this again in the near or distant future, but it's comforting to know that we can call CJF and they will be right there to help/support us. A++ rating!!
We were fortunate to have Doug help us through the entire process of planning the memorial service for my late husband. He was fantastic, and made our experience seamless.The attention to detail was phenominal, from start to finish. It could not have been more wonderful, except for losing my husband.
Thank you all for wonderful service. You made it possible to have the day and time for our family to say our goodbyes to our beloved grandmother. Peggy and staff are beyond organized. Peggy thank you for such amazing communication and understanding. We all glad to chose your funeral home. Everything was beyond expectations 💗🙏🏻
The entire team at Chicago Jewish Funerals handled arrangements for our 97 year old father - from the middle of the night pick up through the Shiva - with competence, kindness, and compassion. People don't like to talk about money in connection with funerals, but it is important to note that CJF was honest and transparent about options and costs and I felt that the total cost was very reasonable. GREATLY APPRECIATED AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .
In such a difficult time, after the loss of my father, I really did not know what to do. It was right after my father passed away in the hospital I called...
I had the blessed and good fortune of having Mio Gabrilo help and assist me. He is a mensch of the highest degree. His knowledge, professionalism, calming influence and immediate attention to any and all questions, details or procedures made our contact such a positive and rewarding experience. Mio is an outstanding asset to the Chicago Jewish Funerals, and I am most grateful for him.
I just opened up the Jewish Chicago Magazine, & noticed your very tasteful ad, recognizing the current situation in Israel .I appreciate your Company , standing up & taking the lead, in showing your undying support for the State of Israel, during these sensitive times .By the way, your wonderful reputation in the Jewish Community, continues to impress, with thoughtful expressions, like your current ad, of “The way it should Be” . -Scott-
I recently had the unfortunate experience of needing the services of Chicago Jewish Funerals, and I must say that I was truly impressed with the exceptional level of customer service they provided. From the moment I contacted them, they demonstrated a genuine care and compassion that eased the burden of such a difficult time.One aspect that really stood out to me was their utmost respect for both the deceased and our grieving family. They conducted themselves with dignity and sensitivity, creating an atmosphere of solace and support. The funeral home staff understood the importance of honoring religious traditions and cultural customs, ensuring that everything aligned perfectly with our desires and needs.What truly amazed me was their unwavering commitment to going above and beyond for the grieving family. They not only listened attentively to our requests, but they also bent over backward without hesitation to fulfill even the most unusual or challenging demands. Whether it was arranging for specific religious rituals, accommodating last-minute changes, or providing unique personalized touches, Chicago Jewish Funerals consistently exceeded expectations.Throughout the entire process, they displayed professionalism, expertise, and a genuine desire to make a difficult time more manageable. Their attention to detail was outstanding, ensuring that every aspect of the funeral service was executed flawlessly. From the floral arrangements to the overall atmosphere, every detail was carefully considered, creating a beautiful and comforting environment.I cannot recommend Chicago Jewish Funerals enough for their outstanding service. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, respect for the deceased and the family, and their willingness to go the extra mile truly sets them apart. During a time when emotions run high, they provide a sense of calm and guidance, alleviating the stress often associated with funeral arrangements. If you're in need of funeral services that exceed your expectations, look no further than Chicago Jewish Funerals.
Mio Gabrilo is a mensch who thoughtfully helped me navigate the process of preplanning for myself as well as for my 93 year old mother. The latter situation involves transportation post funeral.He empathically helped me and my sister in law understand the fees as well as making suggestions for how to talk with both the receiving funeral home as well as the cemetery.I recommend him highly.thanksMioJoanne S Kestnbaum ( Feferman)
Incredible care and high-level of compassion. I attended a talk by one of the founders, and learned so much about the meaning behind why they do what they do. Truly an example of customer service excellence. From treating the transfer of a loved one from the home as a ceremonial act of loving kindness, to offering chocolates to grieving families, making sure that they are followed up on and cared for after the services, they REALLY CARE. Would definitely recommend their funeral homes to anyone without hesitation.
Compassion! Care!Knowledge! Respect!Every aspect about Chicago Jewish Funerals was 100%. From the man ( I apologize for not remembering his name) who came for the body toYehuda and David we were all treatedso very kindly. Yehuda guided usexpertly through every step of thefuneral, burial and beyond. He covered every step we needed to take and made this trying time so much easier.I recommend them very highly.
Jeremy Siever and his staff made a hard day into a meaningingful spiritual experience. I came in broken and left with a feeling of peace and blessing. I could not be more grateful. If I could give more stars, I would.
I cannot say enough good things about this funeral home and its director/owner, David Jacobson. He made my mother's passing as easy as possible, giving me every single piece of information I needed to move forward. He is knowledgeable, reliable, discreet, kind, and without judgement in the face of family drama. If you have to be in this situation, dealing with the death of a loved one, this is the best place to be. I am so grateful to David and to Chicago Jewish Funeral Home.
During the planning stages of my grandfather's funeral, David went above and beyond. He was attentive to my family and made the process as seamless as...
Stephen Turner
Kind, compassionate, patient, reliable Professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, reasonably priced, good under pressure of time constraints, consistently excellent, the best in the area! Pre-plan here also.
They are absolutely fantastic. We have used them a few times, and I have never had one bit of a negative experience. They are very understanding and extremely professional, and pay attention to every detail. Their building is beautiful inside and out, so it's a good option if you don't want to use a synagogue or church. The reason why I mention "church" is because I found out that you don't have to be Jewish to use their services. So whether your loved one is Jewish or not, hire them--you will not be disappointed!
My situation and experience with David Jacobson and Chicago Jewish Funerals is a bit unusual and it is because of the uniqueness that I am so very grateful to David. Without going into detail, I will simply say that he helped me immeasurably and will go on to add that this was something he offered on his own and with no personal compensation. His kindness, concern and caring certainly help to make him both a professional and personal success.
My experience in pre-planning my final arrangements with Chicago Jewish Funerals was smooth and reassuring. The most daunting part was executing the decision to purchase secondary-market burial plots, for which CJF offered to serve as intermediary at no charge. Throughout this complex process, Advance Planning Counselor Mio Gabrilo handled all of the details of the transaction with competence, professionalism, and respect, keeping me apprised each step of the way. Now, with the process completed--while I do not expect to need funeral services for a long time to come--I am confident that with CJF, I am in good hands.
I had the pleasure of shadowing the staff for a school assignment. David is truly passionate not only about the service he provides to the deceased but most importantly the service he provides to their families.David has some of the best funeral directors on his team, and it is easy to see why. He is warm and welcoming and open to new and different ideas. A rarity in the field. Everyone was so kind and willing to share whatever knowledge they could with me. I am so grateful for their hospitality, and to be able to witness their compassion for their community! Truly an admirable group of people!
The staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals helped my family bury my loved one, through a challenging situation. They brought compassion and understanding of our concerns and allowed us to have a caring and dignified ceremony. We are forever grateful.
Beautiful place! Everything was clean, organized, and incredibly impressive. The chapel was a beautiful place to honor and memorialize your loved one. Staff was friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and just plain a delight to meet. Ample parking lot to accommodate large services. Incredibly ADA compliant as the restrooms and main chapel is right on the first floor and right up front.
I am currently a student working towards my funeral directing license; I reached out to David Jacobson to ask if he’d be comfortable letting me observe and volunteer with a service in order to work up my personal funeral home experience. He was more than willing to help a student out, and asked me to come in the next day. I had expected to come in for one service, but he asked me to stay for two, allowing me more time to see him in action. I got to watch him put the concept of this industry being service based and going beyond expectations of care into action with multiple memorable moments of kindness and generosity between him and the families being served that day. In our conversations, I found myself making mental notes of everything and preparing to put some suggestions of his into action within the next couple of weeks. It was an incredibly valuable experience, and I’m so thankful for the knowledge shared!
We decided it was time to pre-plan our future funerals to make it easier on each other and our families. We had worked with David and his staff many years ago for my father-in-law's funeral. We remembered his thoughtfulness and competence. David and Mio answered all of our questions with patience and kindness. We are happy that we took care of this and know that we will be in good hands when the time comes. Ask them a question, and the answer is YES. We can recommend them with full confidence.
For the last week I was working with Chicago Jewish Funerals with regards to project I am working on. I am extremely impressed by their passion and high levels of service. A special thanks to Silvio & Mio for their assistance. I’ll be back soon 🙏🏻
Chicago Jewish Funerals and Founder, David Jacobson assisted my family in planning and executing a wonderful service and dignified path to lay my father-in-law to rest recently. The facilities are filled with warm and caring individuals in a setting that feels both modern and steeped in history. Each request the family had was met with compassion and ease.David and the entire team were knowledgeable both in customary traditions as well as were thoughtful to keep the service current and relevant. Phenomenal attention to follow-through and suggestions to make the days easier were present at all times.My mother-in-law was able to bring the family dog in to say her goodbye's to Papa at the suggestion from David which gave both such comfort. The entire Seiller Family is grateful for the wonderful support and team that assisted us when we reached out and asked for help, including the sense of humor that David brought to the table, thank you.
CJF was incredibly supportive arranging my husband's funeral. It was as if caring family members were making arrangements. They saw to all the details, gave me as much information as I could handle on any given day, and David Jacobson checked on our family even days after the funeral. The answer to all requests was always 'yes' - they found a way to accommodate all our wishes and offered excellent suggestions for how to make it all work. Which it did - everything happened exactly as planned, with no stress related to the arrangements. We were able to mourn and say good bye without ever thinking about the logistics of it all.
Thank you to David Jacobson and the CJF team for their compassionate and competent care of my family after my father's passing. From the moment we reached out, David was with us literally 24/7 making sure our family needs were met and that my mother, brothers and family were well cared for. I can never thank him enough and strongly recommend David and his staff care for your loved ones when the time comes.
The staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals was extremely compassionate and kind to me during this very difficult time. They made each decision easy and were considerate to my financial constraints. I was grateful to place my loved one in their care and felt extremely cared for myself. Chicago Jewish Funerals really understands and delivers excellent customer service!
While funeral planning is never something a family wants to do, with the help and compassion of Chicago Jewish Funerals, it is made 100 times easier. The...
I can't say enough good things about the amazing Staff of Chicago Jewish Funerals. Everyone I dealt with was kind, caring and attentive to our family's needs and emotional well being as we processed my Aunt's passing. Her funeral and burial was conducted with the utmost dignity, sensitivity and respect she was deserving of. Thank you for doing it "The way it should be".
Bill Ruben, one of the funeral directors, took great care of our family after my brother died. He guided us through every step, explained everything well, kept us updated on each step, was very kind and patient. Bill and Chicago Jewish Funerals provided our family with the help and support we needed throughout the entire process.
Staff was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond for me. Thank you!
I am so grateful to David for the informative classes he has provided to social work students, sensitizing them to the importance of care for the bereaved and respect for the deceased. He has made a substantial contribution to their education, personal attitudes, and to their future practices with families navigating the end of life concerns.
The director, David Jacobson, came and spoke with our staff about every aspect of the Jewish funeral. He was highly knowledgeable, charismatic and empathetic. It was interesting to learn from a professional in the field about all the vital work that is a part of the burial process as well as being able to ask questions about this sensitive subject. Highly recommend having David come speak with your group for an engaging and informative lecture.
David gave an exceptional class on Jewish burial to a group of Jewish educators. I was privileged to participate.
I have just finalized my future funeral expenses with Chicago Jewish Funerals and am very satisfied with my experience. I was treated with courtesy and respect by both David Jacobson and Mio Gabrilo. My options were thoroughly explained and I am confident that my final wishes will be fulfilled exactly as directed.
Thanks to Mio, Jeremy and all staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals for making the emotional process of advance funeral arrangements a calming experience. It feels good to have everything in place now, rather than trying to make good decisions at the actual time of need. Every option and detail was fully presented to enable us to make our preferred selections.
Words cannot express how grateful we are to the entire Chicago Jewish Funeral’s staff and especially Bill Rubin for the support received with the services and burial of one of my clients. We were supported every step of the way through the process. Their knowledge and compassion during a difficult time was welcomed. Chicago Jewish Funerals provided the local services and assisted with every step of an out-of-state burial. Thank you!
In what is one of the most unfortunate circumstances in life, we were extremely fortunate to have David Jacobson and his team at Chicago Jewish Funerals assist us with my Dad’s funeral and burial. In our first conversation with David, he said “if it is within my power, I will grant you any request.” This statement is what carried through all our needs and requests over the next few days before my Dad’s funeral. Whether it was expeditiously getting my Dad’s body from Florida or helping us navigate getting “a place” to have the service as we were just getting out of COVID, Chicago Jewish Funerals was on top of it and was always available and gracious in our discussions. In one final example of their going the extra mile, when Chicago Jewish Funerals dropped off some supplies for the Shiva, they noticed we didn’t have a Mezuzah on our door and then within a few hours, a Rabbi came by and installed the Mezuzah. We couldn’t recommend them more when there is a death in your family.
When my husband died, I contacted CJF and the firm—everyone on the team—handled my tragedy with genuine sympathy and tact. They were well-versed in Jewish law and were able to ensure we had what I felt was a proper ceremony and burial. They explained everything to me, and there were no surprises. I never once felt that I was being “sold” anything I did not need. Because of my grief, members of the team visited me at home a number of times and it made me feel that someone, in addition to my rabbi, was watching over me during a process with which I had had no prior first-hand experience. The funeral and burial were meaningful, and no planning or executive glitches marred the gravity of the event. I highly recommend CJF.
Having worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the care continuum over the last 17 years, it’s easy to say that Silvio, Mio and the rest of the team at Chicago Jewish Funerals really get the significance of excellence in client experience. They go to that next degree in ensuring that families receive the best care imaginable – not only among the services CJF provides, but also in how families come together surrounding a loss, and in how families celebrate the memory of a loved one. Chicago Jewish Funerals sets the standard in how funeral homes should care for families.
I am an entrepreneur working in the end-of-life planning space and reached out to Chicago Jewish Funerals just to speak with them about my startup. When I met with Silvio and Mio, they could not have been nicer and more friendly. I have done a ton of outreach to funeral homes, they were easily one of the best organizations I have spoken with. The team cares about more than just offering a funeral product. They want to help their clients and are interested in learning about everything out there that can aid families going through a loss.
I am giving Chicago Jewish Funerals the highest rating possible. When my mother passed away, I was devastated but the staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals guided me through the funeral process in a manner that was both comforting and professional. Ours was a bit complicated because we were holding a Chicago memorial service; and then transporting my mother to another state for a funeral and internment. Chicago Jewish Funerals handled the arrangements flawlessly. They are caring, responsive, honest, and genuinely reverent in the manner in which the handle your loved one; which is reassuring. We also used their facility for a post-service reception, where Kaufman’s Deli, provided the food. It was all set up beautifully and the food was delicious.
I highly recommend Chicago Jewish Funerals. They went above and beyond in every way to help our family feel at ease throughout this very difficult time of losing my mom. They were kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. They didn’t miss a beat with their attention to detail and helped to comfort us with their actions and kind words.
I highly recommend Chicago Jewish Funerals. They went above and beyond in every way to help our family feel at ease throughout this very difficult time of losing my mom. They were kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. They didn’t miss a beat with their attention to detail and helped to comfort us with their actions and kind words.
Great job to the staff of Chicago Jewish Funeral Homes. Attended a service of a Russian family friend on Wednesday. They provided a Russian speaking cantor. Lovely service.
Always respectful and sensitive.
Great staff went in a few weeks ago to make arrangements for my father not knowing how soon I would really need them. They arranged everything for me. When I called them to let them know my dad had passed they has someone at the hospital within 1 hour to pick him up. Every arrangement that I made with them ahead of time was taken care of. The people here really care about FAMILY!. Nobody likes thinking about what happens to there loved one after one dies. Let me tell you that Chicago Jewish funerals will take care of your family and make sure every detail is covered. They did this for my Family Friday.
David and his team were wonderful. They took care of everything, allowing me to focus on the sadness, grief and love I was experiencing. This was my first time using Chicago Jewish Funerals but not my first time planning funerals. I will never go anywhere else.
I would like to thank Doug at Chicago Jewish Funerals for helping my brother and me through the services my family needed to get closure. He helped us through the passing of my father, Sol Melamed, from the moment of our first call to the internment. He chose the best Rabbi who took the time to get to know who my father was and ensure our guests were comfortable. Doug was very responsive to all calls and texts. He also handled all of our requirements for my father’s burial at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery. In my book you have to be a special person to deal with the emotions of a family who recently lost a loved one. Doug is one of those people.
With the death of my mother-in-law, David and Susan took a stressful situation and made it totally stress free. They couldn't be nicer. We were in good, caring, and competent hands.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.Richard and Cindy Cash
David Jacobsen and Chicago Jewish Funerals handled my dad's funeral more than 20 years ago. When my mom died a couple years ago, David remembered us; he was completely competent and a real mensch! We have subsequently decided to engage Chicago Jewish Funerals for our own funerals and provide our children the same comfort and assurance.
On a scale of 1-5, CJF rates a 10. Every single person I dealt with was compassionate, professional, and competent. This is my second experience working with Susan Winklestein. She was extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful facilitator, as were all of her colleagues who filled in when necessary. My husband's last days and funeral arrangements were ridden with miscommunication (not due to CJF staff) and Susan and the staff helped navigate through an already challenging time. The funeral, burial, and all other arrangements flowed smoothly thanks to this terrific company. Everything was "can do" and extra measures were taken to help us.Thank you so much, Chicago Jewish Funerals-my husband may now rest in peace.
Beyond kind, and more than just totally professional.The best possible spirits at the worst possible moment, making everything endurable.My gratitude is sustained by the memory of their compassionate support when it was most needed.This year is 20 years since CJF stepped into the breach and guided my family through darkness and toward the glide path to recovery.God bless you,
Very friendly and accommodating, helped when I stopped by in a snowstorm for parking!
Chicago Jewish Funerals and the entire staff that helped our family during a difficult time at the passing of my father, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is very much appreciated. From the moment we contacted them the morning of his passing, to the quick arrival at the hospice center, to the genuinely supportive, caring, and compassionate assistance with the funeral arrangements later that day, into the chapel funeral service two days later, and concluding with a brief interment at the cemetary afterwards, CJF went above and beyond what one would expect. The passing of a relative can be over-whelming, but knowing how loving and considerate the staff were, made a difficult time much less painful. They really do care about the families they serve. This also continued a few days later when they reached out to select individuals in our family to offer additional comfort, make sure any other needs were met, and to just let us know they were there to help in any way, large or small. Needless to say, having a funeral during a pandemic had its' own unique challenges, but some of the services they offered, including the ability to have the chapel service recorded to be viewed at a later time for many of the guests who could not attend due to state regulations for the safety & security of everyone's health, was very much appreciated. While my father was not a very religious person, he would have thought the mix of rituals and traditions were nice, and done very well for all attendees. All rules & regulations were adhered to which gave us re-assurances that all family members and a few select guests would be safe. The day of the funeral was also made more comfortable by a beautiful, clean, and peaceful facility. The Buffalo Grove site was where we had the service due to the convenience to most family members. The Skokie facility is also very beautiful and extremely elegant. Either facility would have been a nice way for our loved ones' life to be celebrated with and memorialized in. Thank you again for the extreme quality of care and un-believable compassion your staff provided to our entire family. Sincerely and respectfully, along with all our gratitude, The Binstock Family
I wanted to Thank David for being very compassionate in my families time of needHope Volk's review is all wrong
Very compassion and professional.Thank you for be there in challenge time.
Chicago Jewish Funerals, from start to finish, was exceptional. During a tragic and tough time, especially during Covid, things ran smoothly. Logistics matter to a point, but the most important thing to my family and myself was that our Mother was treated with dignity and respect, which she was. They were on call 24/7 for a host of issues, including differing family opinions, etc. They were sensitive and professional and on call months later when some other questions arose. Very fortunate to have worked with Chicago Jewish Funerals.
Working with Susan Winkelstein was a treasure. She & everyone else at Chicago Jewish funerals allowed our family to not only devote our time to grieving for our mother but during this strange “COVID-19 time” CJF allowed our extended family & friends to be with us at the funeral service and the Shiva. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Obviously, when you're working with Chicago Jewish Funerals (or any funeral home), you're doing so during a particularly difficult and challenging time in your life. That makes our experience all the more meaningful. I wish I could say this was the first time I worked with Chicago Jewish Funerals, but I'm now a "three-peat" customer. Suffice it to say, I'm far more than satisfied. Their entire team not only made this process as easy and as painless as possible, they made it more meaningful. The care, respect, and attention to every detail -- especially during these Covid times -- amazed my family and me. We will be forever grateful. Thank you, Chicago Jewish Funerals. Please know what a positive impact you had on our family during this especially difficult time.
I have been having a hard time finding a shiva candle due to the area I live in but then I came across these lovely people. They told me to come in in and they gave me one and even labeled it with my mothers name for her honor. Thank you for your generosity and care for the Jewish community. It truly warms my heart
David Jacobson and every staff member was so kind, helpful and comforting. Their thoughtful care, excellent organization and warmth helped to turn this very sad moment into a lovely tribute to my wonderful mama.
Chicago Jewish Funerals in Skokie treated us with great compassion and generosity that we are so grateful for. Their staff is very professional and caring. We recommend this funeral home to anyone who needs compassionate treatment and respect.Steve and Barb
Thank you for everything these past few days. From the moment we called Chicago Jewish Funerals, the team has truly lightened the load during a difficult time for our family.The recording of the funeral is beautiful and will be something we cherish for a long time. And the small details like the yartzeiht plaque, the candles, even the tissues were so thoughtful. We had an issue with the link for our zoom Shiva but it was fixed quickly and lots of people were able to join. It was very nice to see so many familiar faces.Thank you again for all your support.
I would give Chicago Jewish Funerals a 10 star rating if given the option. The caring owner and staff, the attention to detail, and the generosity of the CJF founder, David, is superb. A smoother, more supportive experience I cannot imagine.
Excellent overall service, 5 stars. Thanks for helping with my father's journey to his final resting place. Special thanks to Simcha for being so wonderful in these difficult times. It was also very nice that they had a ZOOM funeral people could attend online from home, AND they recorded it for those who couldn't watch it live (or those who want to watch it again).
The most supportive experience I’ve ever had – and continue to have - several years after my father’s death. Not only did David and his remarkable staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals handle my father’s funeral with their extraordinary service at the time, they continue to extend incredible care and attention in any way they can. On several occasions since my father’s death, David has sat with some members of the family who have had a difficult time processing dad’s death. He calms their anxious and grieving hearts, answers their questions, listens with patience and sensitivity to their fears and regrets, and shares with them their joyful memories. Chicago Jewish Funerals - soulful, heart felt, always there for you. Always!
We had a beautiful funeral for my father and it was also on zoom for the ones that could not come in. Peggi Lake coordinated everything so well and we are so grateful for all that they did to help me and my family with every detail!
As a rabbi I can attest that Chicago Jewish Funerals is unparalleled in Chicago. . The physical setting is beautiful - soft, inviting, open and elegant. The staff is respectful, professional, accommodating, competent and warm. Every request is executed seamlessly. I love that they are flexible and accommodating. They tailor each funeral to the family's needs and desires and the answer to every request is "yes". I recently did a funeral there that was part live and part virtual and was so impressed with their technical capabilities and expertise. It is an amazing place.
Chicago Jewish Funerals went above and beyond to make my mother's funeral and memorial a special event, even during the pandemic. We had a funeral, reception and Shiva for my mother there earlier this week and were beyond impressed with David, Silvio and the entire CJF team. There is nothing they would not do to make the day special and to put us at ease during a very sad, stressful and challenging time. The staff made sure every attendant wore a mask and gloves, the bathroom was cleaned after every use, surfaces were wiped down with disinfectant at regular intervals, they set up tables outside and they strategically placed the chairs in small clusters each 6 feet apart in the chapel. They did all this work so that our guests felt safe and unburdened. Furthermore, they provided outstanding technical support and direction making it possible for people who could not travel to participate in the service and Shiva. Silvio and his team made it so easy for everyone, even those who've never used Zoom, to participate. If you find yourself in need of a funeral home during the pandemic, CJF is the place to go. David and his talented team will make your day feels special, and deeply personal. They know how to plan an event, care for grieving families and effectively use technology to make the day inclusive for family and friends across the country.
I want to thank the all the people who serve our community at Chicago Jewish Funerals. I have had interactions with Silvio, Simcha, Mio, Boris Mr. Jones, Tim, Shalom the shomer, Billy, Yehuda, David and Susan. All of you are always there for our community and my family. Thanks for all you do.
Susan and everyone at Chicago Jewish Funerals was amazing during this very difficult time. They offered great advice, provided great service and offered invaluable support and knowledge to us as we navigated difficult waters during one of our family's most challenging times.
The CJF staff was crucial in helping me get through the intolerable task of making the final arrangements for my wife of almost 43 years. They guided me in attending to every detail in the most compassionate and caring manner. The advice they provided to encourage me to make some early arrangements before my wife passed was extremely beneficial, both financially and emotionally. Their process was smooth and seamless, taking a tremendous burden off of our shoulders during our time of grief while feeling hypersensitive and with raw emotions over our devastating loss. They treated my whole family as though we were part of their family. They responded quickly to all my calls and emails and with ready answers to my questions. Their level of service was incomparable and rare in this day and age. It was so refreshing to work with them, that they deserve more than 5 stars! I cannot more highly recommend any other provider. They are simply the best.
Kind, compassionate, dedicated, truthful....all of the "good" words apply to this locally owned and operated amazing company. I'm proud to be associated with Chicago Jewish Funerals!
"Of course we can do that", "I'd be happy to help with that", "No problem, we'll figure that out"...those are the words that I heard from David Jacobson when planning my mom's funeral. It was during the pandemic and a "new normal" was created by David and the staff. The virtual funeral was wonderful as over 50 people from around the world were able to be with our family during this difficult time. We had my son and daughter participate from Connecticut and California via Zoom as they shared their thoughts and feeling about their grandmother (no airplane travel during the pandemic). CJF's compassion, understanding, and sensitivity made for a wonderful experience and celebration of my mother's life. We had the good fortune that my mother had the foresight to preplan her funeral. What a difference that made (no decisions had to be made as everything was already set).
The team at CJF is outstanding. I am a ritual leader of a Jewish community Lab/Shul in NYC and had to bury both of my parents in Chicago. My mom's demise was devastating - David and the team walked me through every step with such compassion - their phrase: if you ask me I will say yes, really held true. From the way they handled my desires to create my own ritual, have music piped in, bring family members in the day before the funeral to say goodbye, advising on shiva details. The personalized follow up, notes, and communication afterwards was always full of love. My father just recently died - in this era of covid - where in person funerals were for the select few to attend. He and his wonderful staff Mio, who had helped pre-arrange and pre-plan with my father's assets, as well as Silvio who handled the many details of the zoom funeral service - with videos and sound, and the coordination with a funeral home out of town to transfer my dad and all of the logistics and paperwork. It can be so overwhelming. I felt held, supported, and truly comforted knowing I was in the most caring hands.
I was in Florida when my mother passed away and needed help creating a funeral service. Chicago Jewish Funerals was immediately there to help. They responded quickly and professionally which they have done repeatedly for such sad occasions. While they did not perform any services, they were there to offer assistance and my family is forever grateful for their support and comforting. It continued today with a phone call and offer of any additional support our family needs.
Chicago Jewish Funeral Homes was outstanding during the loss of my mother during the pandemic. They went above and beyond to make our family comfortable. They streamed the service. They delivered anything we needed to our home. They called to make sure we were okay. They oversaw the cemetery service and made sure things ran smoothly under pandemic rules. From beginning to end they have been wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone at the time of need.
In less than a year and a half we lost two members of our family. In both cases the services and arrangements were made so easy by the staff. They went out of their way to comfort our family and be accommodating to our needs. Jeremey Seaver in particular was a tremendous help.
There are few things in life that are so emotionally difficult as the passing of a son’s mother. Such was my case. As my mother was my champion, I was intent on having a Jewish service done with the highest care, sensitivity, and love. I didn’t have to worry about a thing because the staff was always there. They anticipated everything for me and my sisters. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Chicago Jewish Funerals.
We have used Chicago Jewish Funerals for several family funerals, and all experiences have been outstanding. David Jacobson, the owner of Chicago Jewish Funerals, has uniformly treated us with respect. We would not use anyone else for our family funerals.
There is no other funeral home that pays such close attention to every detail. David Jacobson and his staff are so professional and knowledgeable. During the worst of times, they provide care and comfort and guide you through the funeral process with kindness and respect. They have been there for my family many times and I am so grateful they are in our community.
Our mother passed away in March. Without hesitation we contacted Chicago Jewish Funerals to take care of her arrangements based on the favorable experience we had 12 years prior our father passed away. Jeremy Seaver was our Funeral Director. He treated us with kindness and compassion and and helped us make some very difficult and very personal decisions with respect and dignity. There is never anything easy about planning a loved one's funeral, but Jeremy and Chicago Jewish Funerals really helped me and my family through the process.
Working with Chicago Jewish Funerals is always a good experience. They are kind, patient, warm, and understanding. Really makes a difference!
They run a good service.
very nice experience with these people. from the hospital visit they made and logistical assistance and support as to what choices were available to us, to the venue itself and their polite and generous staff during the service, they made an unfortunate experience for me much easier to deal with.
I will always be in gratitude for David and his team at Chicago Jewish Funerals. He absolutely goes above and beyond to make an unbearable day and experience to one that brings comfort and ease. This includes the planning stage, to day of funeral, and even weeks after. He relates to everyone in the family with such compassion and has a genuine spirit. Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone that has to go thru this.
One of the hardest days of my life. Jeremy was amazing I had to bring my father hm from fla and he handled everything. If I can say it was possible Jeremy took control and it was one of the most beautiful services I’ve been too. Patience is a understatement. As I am grieving for my father the last thing I want to do is really think and Chicago Jewish funeral made the hardest thing much easier. You were great to Wk with I still hope I dnt need your services soon. But if and when you are a 20 plus. ���
Such a wonderful experience, Chicago Jewish Funerals & the staff had all our interests and needs in the forefront when helping my family deal with our loss. We couldn’t have been better served anywhere. I can highly recommend ... you’ll feel like you are working with someone in your family.
We decided to make arrangements for my mother in advance. When I called CJF a woman asked if my mom would like to be involved and offered to come to the nursing home at my mom's convenience. She was helpful, informative and nice to my mom.
I recently had to have an interaction with Chicago Jewish Funerals in Skokie. Outstanding, if I could give them ten stars I would. This is always a...
Today was one of the most painful days of my life. We buried my dear sweet Mom today. 2 years ago was the other most painful day when we buried my Dad. Both times we used Chicago Jewish Funerals and the magnificent David Jacobson. There's a good reason he got our repeat business. The incredible staff is just so good at what they do. David is incredibly compassionate and he shares a piece of himself with his clients. During both of my very difficult losses, he demonstrated professionalism, faith, and respect. I never once felt like I wasn't being supported and he guided me and my family through the grieving process with grace and dignity. I met David through a good friend and I am so glad I did. He runs a top notch company that is knowledgeable in Jewish funeral customs. He makes things easy to understand in what can be a confusing time. I hope I don't have to use his services again for a very long time, but rest assured, when the time comes...it will be with David and Chicago Jewish Funerals.
Losing my last living parent at such a young age is incredibly difficult. The moment that Doug and his co-worker arrived to the hospice facility where my mom was at. I immediately felt comfortable like they were taking me under their wings. Doug and his team are the most comforting group of individuals. I felt almost like family to them as much as my own. Thankyou Doug and the rest of the team for all your support and help during the most difficult time. May God Bless each and everyone of you!
This company represents the finest in ethics and integrity I have learned to appreciate the family that started the company.
I love the work that Chicago jewish funerals do....
I stopped by today as a graduate student to discuss Jewish traditions surrounding death, mourning, and burial and I cannot state how helpful David Jacobson was in educating me. He was extremely accommodating and open and gave me, a Catholic-raised girl, a really good grasp of what it means to mourn in the Jewish tradition. I am extremely appreciative of the knowledge he instilled in me and I will take the lessons learned from him forward in my own mourning and assisting in the mourning of others in my career as a nurse. He's an extremely compassionate man that clearly loves what he does and I would trust him with guardianship of my deceased loved ones in a heartbeat.
בית לוויות יהודי עם שירות מופלא, ברגעים הקשים ביותר ילוו אתכם ואת משפחתכם ברגישות ודאגה. גם לחלק הזה של החיים , אחד השרותים הוא בדיקת דנא שתשמור לכם את המידע החשוב של יקירכם לעתיד ולדורות הבאים.
Extremely nice people. The BG chapel is very soothing and very clean. The people here understand compassion and sincerity. Thank you for being a part of my community.
I can't say enough about the care and compassion provided by David Jacobson and Chicago Jewish Funerals. Excellent.
They have always shown so much respect for the families. I think David Jacobson is one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever met.
This is to speak of our funeral of Beverly Chercasky..as handled by David Jacobson...sadly the weather was against us at westlawn cemetery..so bitterly cold that no tent could be erected I am guessing that the entire graveside service took few than twenty minutes.My heart goes out to Mr. Jacobson who tried to maintain proceedure but chose to speed the service for the families comfort..I was told later that the soil from the grave was too cold to be moved...such were the conditions..A plaudit to David for his attempts at providing . the best he could given the situation

Emotional and Financial pre-planning

When the time does come to plan for a funeral, families can be in a vulnerable state of mind – emotionally stressed, grief stricken, compromised.

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