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Introducing 24/7 Bereavement Support


From the funeral to everything that comes after.

24/7 bereavement support.

The empathy app is designed to save you time, provide clarity, and to be of service to you. They can help you find local professionals or close your loved one’s accounts on your behalf, and offer a wide range of grief-related resources to guide you through the hardest days.

To learn more, please visit: Empathy – Chicago Jewish Funerals

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Chicago Jewish Funerals

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Chicago Jewish Funerals

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Funerals are the one life event we know will occur, yet we are reluctant to plan for them.

When the time does come to plan for a funeral, families can be in a vulnerable state of mind – emotionally stressed, grief stricken, compromised. Many decisions need to be made in a very short period of time. And while the funeral directors at Chicago Jewish Funerals offer extraordinary experience and support to help guide our families, we know it can be easier on everyone, if a funeral has been pre-arranged.

Emotionally – your family will know your wishes have been honored.
Financially – your arrangements are guaranteed at today’s prices.

Our team of dedicated, compassionate funeral directors live and work in the community. Read their profiles and and learn about their commitment.


Chicago Jewish Funerals works with families at the most vulnerable time in their life. This is both a responsibility and an honor we take very seriously. In this section we detail the special resources we make available to families and identify the many community resources that are related to our work.


Careopolis is a web/mobile online “caring community” which contains integrated tools and content, proven in enhancing togetherness, empathy and nostalgia.  Also in enabling friends and loved ones to become more part of the journey, and less of the landscape.