Pre-Planning a Funeral

Funerals are the one life event we know will occur, yet we are reluctant to plan for them.

Prearranging and communicating your wishes should be easy and straightforward.

More than one in five families acknowledge that things would have been easier if prearranged.
We agree. And we make the process so simple that it can be done anywhere at any time.

Pre-planning your funeral is a real gift for the people you love. They will have clear direction and information on your funeral arrangements including organization of important documents, casket selection, type of service, and burial location.

The process is simple. You can make arrangements in your home or at one of our locations. One of our Pre-planning professionals will guide you through a process to help you make the best decisions that are meaningful, appropriate and affordable.

We also can provide you with an extremely helpful pamphlet: Respect My Wishes, a guide for my loved ones. Here we provide an outline of information to provide loved ones should you fall seriously ill and cannot express your last wishes. Click here to download a copy.

Please contact us to assist you with your future arrangements or to answer any questions. Please call 847.229.8822 or email

  • Emotionally – your family will know your wishes have been honored.
  • Financially – your arrangements are guaranteed at today’s prices.