Funeral Details

Sherry Ross

June 9, 1954 - May 17, 2024


Date and Time

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 2:00 PM


Waldheim Jewish Cemetery
1300 South Des Plaines Avenue
Forest Park, Illinois 60130
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Rabbi Yitzchak Falk

Memorial Contributions

6450 North California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60645


Sherry Ross, Shira Bat Ephraim v’Itta, age 69

Beloved wife of Paul D. Ross. Dear mother of Phillip D. Ross and the late Abigail L. Ross. Proud grandmother of Mia Wagner. Cherished sister of the late Scottie Francis. Service details will be forthcoming. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The ARK 6450 North California Avenue Chicago, IL 60645 Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals - Skokie Chapel, 847.229.8822,


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Love you so so much my lovely wife
You were the greatest best partner best friend best person in my life
Love you Sherry berry
Love you so much

Paul Ross
May 19, 2024
Sherry was my most beloved cousin. We were like brother and sister as kids. We shared many joyous childhood experiences and so much laughter along with our families, such as tobogganing at Palos Park and riding The Bobs and The Fireball, those famous roller coasters at Riverview, which is now a memory only among the older crowd. We had family barbeques, we sailed on Lake Michigan, we celebrated Jewish and national holidays together, and we saw movies together including the first Star Wars. As adults we talked and saw each other on some regular basis. We knew much of what was going on in each other's lives. She loved Paul with no limit. Sherry took on the responsibility of motherhood with Phillip and Abby, and when Mia came into her life, she along with Paul have raised that sweet little girl. She had love and devotion to all her family and worked for the best for each person. Sherry was known by everyone to be tolerant and accepting of human frailties. Sherry had a great sense of humor, and I will always hear her "Ha!" exclamation as she would laugh about so many things, or just be amazed by the absurdity of some things. Sherry, along with Paul, have taken in people and pet animals in their times of need, and then such person or little animal would become instant family. Sherry loved her Mom and Dad endlessly, and they loved her as their precious daughter. She cherished her brother Scottie while alive, and his memory after his early departure from this world. Sherry was a good soul, a real mensch. I will always remember her with fondness and love.

Joe Friedman
May 20, 2024
Sherry was a wonderful “bonus” aunt to me and my siblings. She graced every room she entered with her laughter and lovely presence. She will be missed by myself and my family. May she rest peacefully.

Lindsey Quinn
May 20, 2024
There were two sisters: Jeanne and Iris. Jeanne married Sid and their sons were Mark and Joe. Iris married Bud and their children were Scottie and Sherry. Among the four blood cousins, I was the oldest, ahead in age by several years. I did not have the childhood closeness that my brother Joe had with Sherry; they were closer in age. Joe remained close with Sherry during our adult years, even though both Joe and I moved West as young guys. After Scottie’s untimely death while in college, the family suffered, and Sherry had to bear the loss of her younger brother. And then the blood cousins were three. For me through the years, when there were the occasional telephone check-ins and visits together, it was wonderful to be with Sherry, and eventually with Sherry and Paul and family.

Sherry was the ultimate maternal presence, a strong woman she was, taking in so many troubled souls and making them part of her life. I saw this especially with Paul's children and eventually with little Mia. Times together with Sherry included education in family history-she knew and remembered so many details. And she was the photo librarian for my mother's side of the family. When we were together it was fun. There was much laughter, some sarcastic humor, many warm moments and a lot of memories. When we came together it was a reunion; it was family. She called us "cuz," Cuz Mark and Cuz Joe.

During most of Sherry’s long illness, her strength was unwavering and her commitment to family unbroken. She lived for her family, for Paul and Mia. Now she’s gone, and the blood cousins are two. Paul was amazing in his devotion to Sherry during the last stages of her illness – cousin Paul.

May your soul soar with the angels sweet Cuz, soar with Scottie’s soul in joy, and soar free of your body so ill for so long. You are loved and may your memory be for a blessing.

Mark Friedman
May 20, 2024
Sherry was my second cousin. When I was 8 my mother and I walked a block to meet Iris and Bud’s new baby. Another second cousin, Linda Milsk, and I supervised the games at Sherry’s childhood birthday parties. In our early teens, Linda and I took turns babysitting Sherry and Scottie. (I found out much later that they liked her better.) 12-year-old Sherry was at my wedding in 1966, and my husband and I were at her marriage to Paul in 2002. We weren’t in direct contact again until my 70th birthday in 2016. Sherry and Paul and Iris surprised me and flew to Phoenix for the party my sons gave me. What a wonderful reunion that was! Afterwards, Sherry and I stayed in touch and had many long, meandering phone conversations full of Chicago memories, her “finds” at thrift stores, and her dream of retiring in Arizona. Her illness crept into the conversations, but always with positivity and determination to fight, which she did bravely and fiercely for a very long time. She was a true “woman of valor” who leaves a legacy of love and laughter, courage and strength. She will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, dear cuz.

Norma Born
May 21, 2024
I very love ❤️ you I will always remember you
Love you so very much

Yuliia Demchenko
May 21, 2024
Another “cuz” story. Sherry and I were second cousins. I have very fond memories of her as a child as we spent many family gatherings at her parents home. As a teenager I also baby sat for Sherry and her younger brother, Scottie. One of those evenings stands out in my mind. I wanted to check on Scottie, but found his bedroom door locked. Since he was still an infant sleeping in a crib I knew that he had not locked the door. My teenage mind went to dark places, imagining a stranger lurking in my baby cousin’s room! I couldn’t figure out how to open the door so I woke up Sherry to enlist her help. Half asleep, she found the key to the bedroom door and unlocked it. Of course we discovered that Scottie was fine, but by now Sherry was wide awake and didn’t want to go back to sleep, insisting that I let her stay up so we could play some games, which we did. It got to be quite late and I was getting worried that her parents would come home and find her awake. When we heard her parents arriving home, Sherry ran to her bedroom, feigning to be asleep and I kept my baby sitting job!
I moved to California in 1980 so I had no contact with Sherry until 2000 when we had a family for my sister’s wedding I Louisville, KY. There was only a little contact after that (mostly email exchanges) until Thanksgiving 2020 when we had a family Zoom session. After that, we had several phone calls, reminiscing about the “old days”.
RIP, Sherry. I was proud to have you call me “cuz”!

Linda Medwin
May 22, 2024