Funeral Details

Natalie Saltiel


Date and Time

Friday, March 10, 2023 at 12 Noon


Emanuel Congregation
5959 North Sheridan Road
Chicago, Illinois 60660
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Cantor Michelle Drucker Friedman
Emanuel Congregation


Rosehill Cemetery
5800 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60660
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Hospitality Room
4250 North Marine Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60613
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Following the interment
Saltiel Residence
4250 North Marine Drive, Unit 2135
Chicago, Illinois 60613
Saturday and Sunday 2PM-5PM

Memorial Contributions

ACLU, Roger Baldwin Foundation
Attn: Gabe Pachter
150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, Illinois 60601
WITS, Working in Schools Fund
In memory of Natalie Saltiel
150 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1120
Chicago, Illinois 60606


Natalie Saltiel was the beloved daughter of Dorothy Maremont Saltiel and Henry Saltiel. A lifetime resident of the North Side of Chicago, she passed away peacefully, with me, her daughter by her side, on February 13th at my family’s home in San Francisco California. My mom was predeceased by her cherished and devoted husband Sidney Levin as well as by her parents, aunts and uncles, several close first cousins and most of her beloved lifetime sister friends. She is survived by me, Erica Saltiel Levin, my spouse Belmer (Negrillo) and by our children, Levi and Oceana. She touched many lives and in addition to family, leaves behind friends, professional associates and volunteer colleagues. My mom’s life was defined by determination, optimism, a love of learning, dedication to her ideals, commitment to her work and loyalty to the people that she loved. She was ahead of her time in her thinking on conservation of the natural world, women’s rights, human rights and equality, healthy food, exercise and so much more. She was a bold career woman, believing that women had the right and responsibility to contribute in the workplace. She cared deeply for the work that she did and maintained clients up to a few years ago. She was a trusted advisor to many. Growing up in an era that expected women to work solely in the home, my mom had different ideas and from a young age excelled academically and graduated with honors from Northwestern University. She boldly travelled the world alone, was the first female CPA hire at a well-regarded accounting firm and later started her own business. Marrying her devoted companion Sid and becoming a parent were the highlights of her life. The arts and travel played a big part in my parents’ life together. They especially enjoyed fall trips to London, discovering new places, Lyric opera, symphony and the Grant Park summer concert series. Tanque Verde Ranch trips with me in childhood and later as a grandma were special times. My mom adored Chicago and deeply enjoyed bike rides along the lake with my dad and accompanying him to the farmer’s markets that he loved. My mom volunteered and held board positions with the ACLU, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, JUF and, later in life, the WITS program. Her last volunteer work, halted by Covid, was tutoring reading in the classroom at Manierre elementary school. My mom never met a piece of chocolate or a vegetable that she didn’t love. She adored swimming outside in the summer, long conversations with friends, getting to know her friend’s kids- remembering every detail about their lives, getting to know my friends and their children, and taking a deep interest in basically the entire world around her. Politically and socially liberal, she would happily take up a conversation about ways in which people could be lifted up. She was deeply troubled by the erosion of women’s rights and the never-ending backslide regarding race relations in this country as well as by increasing anti-semitism. She believed wholeheartedly in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Reared in an observant Jewish home, my mom had a deep regard for the history of our people and took great comfort in our religion and in being a part of the Jewish community. My mom adored her grandchildren, Levi and Oceana and had a lot of fun getting to know them and understanding their perspectives and viewpoints. She reached her goal of attending Levi’s bar mitzvah this past summer and standing next to him on the Bima, reciting prayers and fulfilling her obligation of l’dor v’dor, generation to generation. She will be remembered for being a vocal, spirited and dedicated crusader for liberal viewpoints, a hard worker and a loyal and true friend. We will miss her every day. May her memory be a blessing. The best way to honor her memory is by fostering your curiosity and explore something new, doing some volunteer work, visiting a museum, talking to the person on the plane sitting next to you and sharing stories, go to a place you didn’t initially think to go to, eat healthy organic food, send an email to an elected official, sign a petition, care about the animals and don’t forget to wear your sunhat. I am grateful for the loving care of the caregivers who were attentive and provided comfort to my mom but also to all of us in the last months of her life. They are indeed angels. The memorial service will be on Friday March the 10th at 12pm at Emanuel Congregation, 5959 N. Sheridan Road in Chicago followed immediately by internment at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago. Following the burial, shiva will begin at 4250 North Marine Drive, hospitality room. Shiva will also be on Saturday and Sunday 2-5 at the same address apartment #2135. Questions please email To attend the funeral live stream and for further information on contributions in lieu of flowers, please visit our website. Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals - Skokie Chapel, 847.229.8822,


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Someday,not now and perhaps not for a long while-you will remember all you shared with less pain and more joy but for now just know God walks beside you every moment of everyday to comport you
In Deepest Sympathy ❤️

Maria Laquindanum
March 6, 2023
I miss my cousin Natalie although with so many relationships I could have done a better job of having her in my life and being in her life especially while I was living next door to her in Chicago. I wish I had shared my success and difficulties with her although my sense of humor may have gotten in the way. She had already had a lot of success before I left Chicago that I got to share. Because of how she reacted I never knew the difficulties that woman had inn business. I just knew what Natalie had accomplished

Howard Ross
March 6, 2023
Natalie was my best friend. We went to high school and Northwestern University together. . She dedicated her life in doing work which would help others.. It was my privilege to know her. I will miss her very much.

Roberta Tugenberg
March 6, 2023
Natalie was an inspiration and I looked up to her in many ways. I was always impressed by her activism, strength and determination, inspired by how she contributed to society but mostly grateful that because of her, we got Erica and that she in turn made Levi & Oceana. Many of the qualities I respect in Natalie are in Erica and now also being handed down to her children. What a beautiful legacy…. xo Che

Chela Richheimer
March 6, 2023
I first met Natalie in the early days of my college years with Erica. I actually remember meeting Natalie’s tiny and adorable mom (AKA Grandma Dorothy!) first when she came for a visit to Claremont and treated us all to dinner. My first impressions of Natalie remained true through the many years I knew her: she was intelligent, interested, and a little bit intimidating! I soon realized we would not have fluffy and light conversations, but rather we would talk about family, life experiences, and other mentally stimulating topics. I was so impressed by her knowledge, her directness, and her activism. She was truly a modern woman way before her time! I loved how much Sid loved Natalie, and how he was a softer side to her more formidable one. She believed in service, equality, and standing behind her principles and she walked that walk until the end of her long life. Natalie and Sid watched us all grow up and make our own families, and I will always appreciate how much interest she took in my family personally. She remained curious and caring about me, my husband, and our kids, always remembering our interests and life events in detail. To this day my family receives a National Geographic Magazine subscription from Natalie, a monthly reminder of her generosity and thoughtfulness. Above all I appreciate Natalie’s raising of Erica. She and Sid expected nothing less than for Erica to be a generous, purposeful, and compassionate member of the world. Thank you Natalie XOXO

Kendall Jones
March 6, 2023
There is much to say about Natalie.... I met her in 1985 when I was in college and became friends with Erica. What has transpired since then is a life long friendship with Erica and a love for her parents. Natalie and Sid were much like my parents in that you couldn't really picture one without the other until Sid's passing. Sid worshiped the ground Natalie walked on and took great pride in doing things for her to make her life better. I remember how he would go to several stores and farmers markets looking for the exact food and supplements that Natalie wanted and he did it with a kind and loving smile on his face. He loved her deeply and she him. Natalie continued on with purpose and determination to complete her many projects after Sid died and although she greatly missed her life partner, she persevered. Natalie was a woman of conviction in the ways she embraced culture and fought for human rights on many levels and in many ways and she was a true inspiration. She was ahead of her time as she pursued her career and fought for those who didn't have a voice. She was interesting, intelligent, adventurous, brave, strongly opinionated, and ALWAYS took an interest to hear about me and my family whenever I saw her. She would send books and magazines to my children when they were young and genuinely had love for them, as well for me and my husband. I could always count on a deep and meaningful conversation with her, which I truly loved and appreciated. She touched many lives through her activism and will be greatly missed for all she did to make this world a better place. As a result of the way Natalie led her life, she passed her values and morals onto Erica, who also continues to touch so many lives. I know Natalie is at peace now and with grandma Dorothy, Sid and so many others that passed before her. xo

Michelle Kipper
March 7, 2023
Dear Erica, Belmer, Levy, Oceana,
I have met Natalie only 2 times and just briefly exchanged few words with her but I could sense from your story and her persona that she was and still is a warrior .
Warriors are precious for our society as they open the path for the flow of new ideas , they open the roads where there is none…. I have perceived through Erica’s stories and memories that Natalie has been a warrior for the good causes and when you wear an armour to open roads sometimes you can forget the ones you care the most for… I know Natalie loves Erica and as stated in her memoirs she adores Levy and Oceana . May your hearth be filled with a loving embrace of the ones that surround you at this time and may the good memories live through you and your lineage forever.
With love and friendship,

Monica Viarengo
March 7, 2023
I met Natalie many years ago at a Grant Park Concert in Millennium Park. We bonded at once, having so many of the same interests. My husband would arrive early to save our favorite seats and this friendship lasted until one health setback after another limited my dear friend’s time on this earth. Natalie never lost her enthusiasm for life, the arts, friends and family. She will forever be an inspiration to me

Patricia Ames
March 8, 2023
Dear Erica, Belmer, Levi and Oceana. Please know my love and spirit sits with you in the time of honoring and mourning Natalie
I feel so honored to have spent some time with Natalie.even though brief. She was a true force on earth. She leaves you all a bit stronger for it.
Much love

Joy Graham
March 10, 2023
Hi this is mimi... nathalie was a sweet and very intelligent lady... I can not forget the gif she and her daughter Erica do for me that gift was to travel in the first class airplane to San francisco... thank you nathalie for the time I spend with you and your family. Thank you Erica. Rest in peace now .. thanks you mimi

Mimi Adams
March 14, 2023
Dear Erica, Belmer, Oceana and Levi

Natalie has been a shining light in so many peoples' lives - through her deep friendships, her professional relationships and the meaningful connections she forged with the many volunteer organizations she worked hard for and contributed to in so many ways. Her focus on compassion, social justice, wellness, arts and culture were the foundation of her social and moral compass which never waivered. She and Sid were my dad and Karen's best friends - though her reputation of doing tireless work for the ACLU even preceded my personal relationship with her. I believe together they were collectively the most brilliant, empathic and committed foursome that every gathered around a table - and they enjoyed life to the fullest!
After Sid's, then my dad's death, Natalie remained a most beloved and attentive friend of Karen's. And, it was during Karen's final years that Natalie not only embraced Karen so lovingly, but our personal friendship deepened. She was a strong support for me and an inspiration in so many ways. Her interest in my entire family was palpable. And, we spent many joyful interactions sharing "grandchildren stories". Levi and Oceana - I'm sure you know how deeply you contributed to her happiness. These conversations helped tremendously to balance the losses in our lives. And, now dear Natalie has departed this earthly presence but remains in our hearts and has left a legacy that you (and we) will continue to cherish and pass on for time immemorial.

Amy Stearns
March 18, 2023