Funeral Details

Dr. Yosef Walder

January 19, 1951 - March 26, 2024


Date and Time

Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 3:00 PM


Beit Hesped Kehilath Yerushalayim
Givat Shaul
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Rabbi Efraim Twerski


Har Hamnuchot
Jerusalem, Israel


The Walder Residence
2709 West Sherwin Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60645
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Shiva Update for Dr Yosef Walder a"h

ERETZ YISRAEL HOURS at Rechov Tverya 3:
Maariv @ 7:35pm followed by Shiva until 10pm
*Minyan Times*
S- W Shachris 7:20am
S-T Mincha 2:50pm
S- T Maariv 8:00pm
*Visiting Hours Sunday- Tuesday*
After Shachris until 9:15am

Mrs. Shira Malka Walder and Mordechai Walder will be sitting Shiva in Eretz Yisroel until 6pm on Sunday.
They will continue in Chicago Monday afternoon at 2709 W Sherwin

1-6pm [5:15pm Mincha]
8-10pm [8pm Maariv]
10am-12pm [9am Shachris]
2-6pm [5:15pm Mincha]
8-10pm [8pm Maariv]
[9am Shachris]

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Dr. Yosef Walder.
Loving husband of Shira Malka Walder nee Mallor. Devoted father of Moshe Chaim (Tova Leah) Walder, Kathryn (Jonathan) Walder-Christensen and Mordechai Avrohom Walder. Proud grandfather of Elazar Menacham Mann, Nechama Bracha, Shlomo Zalman, Benjamin Kiseki, Roselyn Yasuko and Matthew Everett Takeshi. Dear Brother of Diane (Lorin) Gassel. Funeral Service Wednesday 8AM at Ateres Ayala, 3412 West Touhy Avenue, Skokie. In Eretz Yisroel Thursday 12PM at Beit Hesped Kehilath Yerushalayim, Givat Shaul. Interment Israel. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to your favorite charity. To attend the funeral live stream, please visit our website. Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals - Skokie Chapel, 847.229.8822,


We encourage you to share your personal condolences and stories of Dr. Yosef Walder below and we will share them with the family.
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There are many memories I have of Reb Yossel - Dr. Walder, from my early years in Iowa City, Dr. Walder was and continues to be a strong supporter of our Chabad House and all the work that we are doing.

One thing that sticks out is how Dr. Walder committed to something and he made sure to see it through. When I would visit his company out in coralville he was always so inviting and had time for me even though he was extremely busy the few days that he was in Iowa. This is really a drop in the bucket of what can be said of Dr. Walder of blessed memory.

Sending my sincere condolences to Mrs. Walder, Kathy, Moshe Chaim, and Mottel.

May Hashem remove all our tears and may we share in only Simchas
המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון מירושלים

Avremel and Chaya Blesofsky
March 26, 2024
Very sorry to hear of the passing of this great man.

Jonathan Young
March 26, 2024
Please accept my heartfelt condolences to the Walder family on the passing of a much respected man. I am writing from Singapore and although my interactions with Dr. Walder were not for very long, it left a lasting impression on me and my team. Dr. Walder is an inspiration in how to treat people well, fairly and respectfully regardless of our standing or background. A truly great leader, by deeds and actions. Rest well Dr. Walder, you will never be forgotten, even in our part of the world.

KC Lee
March 27, 2024
I feel sad by hearing the news of Dr Walter’s passing.

Dr Walter has helped me a lot while I worked in his company. I clearly remember the time I spent with him and the conversations I had with him. I learned a lot from him. All of these are a great asset to me. Thank you very much, Dr Walder.

Please rest in peace. I would like to send my best wishes from far away Japan.

Minoru Yano
March 27, 2024
our condolences to the family-we are all mourners with reb yosefs passing. chicago and the jewish world has lost a true tzadik and an amud hatorah vchesed/מן השמים תנחמנו

harvey well
March 27, 2024
Sincere condolences to Mrs Walder & family from Singapore.
Because of him, there is IDT. May God bless his soul !

Janice Koh
March 27, 2024
Dr Walder was an incredible man. I was blessed to have work for him at IDT. Learned a lot from him You left an incredible mark on this world.

Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, Dayan HaEmet


Patrick Marschall
March 27, 2024

Many will write and speak about Dr. Walder's legendary kindness and generosity, and as a recipient of his kindness, I can attest to that as well.
What inspired me most about Dr. Walder was his Davening. Whenever I traveled to Chicago, I would attend the 9am minyan at FREE, where Dr. Walder was a regular. He davened with such humility and sincerity, each word in the siddur was a precious gem. the world stopped for him when he davened. Watching him was a textbook example of a chosid's davening .

After finishing, many would approach him with requests and advice, and it amazes me to this day how he had time for everyone. His selflessness and compassion left a lasting impression on me and countless others.

Yehi Zichro Baruch,

Zalman Shneur
March 27, 2024

Dearest Shira Malka, Kathryn, Moshe Chaim, and Mordechai Avraham; we are very saddened by the passing of your beloved husband and Father, and our friend, Yosef.

We are blessed to have known Yosef over the years, and were always impressed by his humility, warmth, kindness, and bitachon. He was a true baal chesed who has made the world a better place. זיכרונו לברכה.

From the Gailors.

Ben and Erin Gailor
March 27, 2024
Deepest condolences to Mrs. Walder and family.
I was fortunate to be able to meet Dr. Walder and also visited some customers with him when he was in Singapore. Always remembered how passionate he was during the discussion with some of the Professors on our visit to NUS and DUKE-NUS.
May his soul rest in peace!

Cortina Muljadi
March 27, 2024
As we mourn the loss of a leading Baal Chesed ZT"L...
From his place in Gan Eden he should be a Meilitz Yosher for Klal Yisrael in these difficult times.

HaMakom Yenachem Eschem BeSoch Shear Aveilei Tzion VeYerushalayim.

Avraham Yaakov Rokach
Lincolnwood, IL

Avraham Yaakov Rokach
March 28, 2024
Sincere condolences to the entire Walder family, Dr. Walder was a phenomenal role model in every facet of his life. I was fortune to have had many opportunities to interact and learn from him. May his memory be a brocha.

Binyomin Babendir

Binyomin Babendir
March 28, 2024
My sincere condolences to Mrs Walder & Family.
Dr. Walder has left an indelible mark in our organization & the world and his legacy will forever inspire us to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and innovation.

Rest well Dr. Walder.

Lee Eng Teo
April 2, 2024
Sincere condolences to Mrs Walder & family.
Someone so special will never be forgotten.

KK Lau
April 2, 2024
Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. May the fond memories of your loved one bring you solace and peace.

Edward Wong
April 2, 2024
Dr. Yosef Walder's significant contributions to the Life Sciences industry would be long remembered and would be instrumental in deriving life saving researches. May his soul rest in peace!

Prakshay Kekre
April 2, 2024
Since condolences to Mrs Walder and all his loved ones. God bless and may him rest in peace

Venus Ho
April 2, 2024
May his memory be eternal

Fred Spagat
April 4, 2024
It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Dr. Walder. While many of us may not have had the privilege of meeting him in person, his legacy and impact are felt deeply throughout our organization. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time. May he rest in peace.

See Siong Lai
April 7, 2024
Walder family and Dianne and Loren Gassle ,
So sorry to hear about Dr. WALDER BDE. He was a special man, very caring and so sincere. His life was dedicated to.yiddeshkite and helping others. He was a brilliant man and so modest.Chicago community lost a tzadik. May Hashem.heal.all of you among the other mourners if Jerusalem.

Edith Aranoff
April 8, 2024