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The Jewish funeral is a significant moment in time when the practice of time-honored traditions keep families – and generations – connected.

However, when a death occurs, it can be difficult to remember funeral customs.

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Our talented, supportive staff is always available to answer any questions about funeral services including how to purchase a cemetery plot, preplanning a funeral, where to find grief counseling, even people who manage house sales.

We can help you find a wide variety of support – from health care to counseling to social services.

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Chicago Jewish Funerals offers a series of pamphlets that address end-of-life concerns and Jewish funeral traditions.

Click on the button below each section to download a pdf version.

A Jewish Funeral

Honoring the traditions of our people. This comprehensive guide provides a funeral planning checklist, an overview of planning a funeral service, an in-depth discussion of children and funerals and a glossary terms.

What Now

A survivor’s guide for after a death of a loved one. This pamphlet a checklist of organizing the deceased’s estate and addresses Social Security Benefits and Veteran Burial and Memorial Benefits.

Respect my wishes

A guide for my loved ones. This pamphlet is designed to be filled out with details for your end of life wishes. Includes questions about advance directives, insurance policies, biographical information, funeral arrangements and type of service.

Condolence Journal

A guide for families sitting Shiva. The pamphlet includes a Shiva checklist and a journal for recording the kindness of others.