Keshet program offers local employment resources for learning-disabled adults

We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful program, strengthening our community at every level. GADOL speaks to Chicago Jewish Funerals’ vision to serve and care for everyone in our community. We urge you to consider supporting this upstanding organization. “The GADOL program, which stands for “giving adults daily opportunities for living,” at Keshet provides vocational and

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L’Shana Tova

Wishing you the best for 5778   Dear Friends, On behalf of everyone here at Chicago Jewish Funerals, we wanted to wish all of you and your families a Meaningful, Healthy, and Sweet New Year! Just as a reminder, if you need Yahrzeit candles, please let us know, or you can come by our Buffalo Grove or Skokie chapels. Shannah

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Chicago Jewish Funerals 24 Month Calendar

Our  long awaited Chicago Jewish Funerals 2 year calendars are finally here! Please stop by at one of our two funeral homes to get your copy, or call us at 847.229.8822 and we can mail it to you.   Each month, it spotlights one of the many of the community organizations Chicago Jewish Funerals has sponsored over the years in

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The Value of Advance Funeral Planning

Why arrange your funeral, or that of a loved one, in advance? The reasons are many. Death is one thing that will happen, so the option is either to be prepared or unprepared. The skilled, dedicated and compassionate staff at Chicago Jewish Funerals will guide and companion you. Having worked in end of life for decades, I have seen first-hand

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Israel’s One Armed Warrior

Izzy Ezagui, an American who joined the Israel Defense Force and had his arm blown off during battle, only to fight for the unprecedented right to return to combat, will be in Wilmette on Sunday, April 30th to share his message of courage, struggle and determination. While he continues to serve in an elite unit in the reserves, Izzy delivers inspirational talks

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Willow House Guest Speaker Night

Dear Friends, Willow House is proud to host the 2nd in our series of Willow House Guest Speakers Night on Thursday April 27th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. We are honored to welcome David Jacobson, Founder & Funeral Director of Chicago Jewish Funerals. David is a leading expert on Kavod Hamet, the Jewish traditions of honoring and respecting the

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Getting Our Hands Dirty

We typically do not like to “get our hands dirty.” But there is one exception. Jewish tradition is for mourners to use their hands to place earth into the grave of a loved one. We get our hands dirty in the service of burying a loved one. We do not let machines do our work. It is an ancient custom, perhaps one

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Fine Art by Marcia Marshall

Grief has it’s own rhythm, it ebbs and flows as it must. One person in this process, Marcia Marshall, a Chicago area portrait artist, began drawing portraits of loved ones who have passed away as part of her healing journey. Touched by the energy and passion of her work, Chicago Jewish Funerals has invited Marcia to share her evocative portraits

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