Shiva Planning

Chicago Jewish Funerals partners with shiva.com to provide tools and resources that assist with planning and coordinating a shiva. The planning center guides families, friends and coordinators through the shiva process helping to simplify bereavement meals, collection of contributions and more.

Shiva.com, the resource for Jewish mourning, provides an easy-to-use resource to help family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances honor the passing of loved ones.  The site carefully blends centuries-old religious traditions with modern-day customs to help support, communicate and mourn. It also provides planning tools and appropriate products to send to family and friends nationwide through a user-friendly ecommerce platform.

Shiva.com is organized in a way that allows users to LearnPlan, and Send all from one convenient website.  The Learning Center provides answers to questions about shiva and the Jewish mourning process; from understanding shiva and its customs, to addressing what to expect at a shiva home, and how to cope with grief.  The Planning Center provides guidance on the shiva process using the traditions of Jewish mourning along with our Shiva Planning Services.  Send an appropriate shiva gift basket including, baked goods, fruit, nuts, chocolate, specialty desserts and fruit platters or even a meal such as a deli tray or bagel platter, providing comfort to mourners in a shiva home.

Shiva.com delivers comprehensive content, services, and products to millions of individuals seeking guidance and support on behalf of mourners and their friends, family, and co-workers.

To learn more about shiva.com, please visit www.shiva.com/chicagojewishfunerals.

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