Our Partners

To help support the families we serve, Chicago Jewish Funerals has partnered with innovating companies in the end-of-life field.

Chicago Jewish Funerals partners with to provide tools and resources that assist with planning and coordinating a shiva. The planning center guides families, friends and coordinators through the shiva process helping to simplify bereavement meals, collection of contributions and more., the resource for Jewish mourning, provides an easy-to-use resource to help family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances honor the passing of loved ones.  The site carefully blends centuries-old religious traditions with modern-day customs to help support, communicate and mourn. It also provides planning tools and appropriate products to send to family and friends nationwide through a user-friendly ecommerce platform.


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Empathy is designed to save you time, provide clarity, and to be of service to you. We can help you find local professionals or close your loved one’s accounts on your behalf, and we offer a wide range of grief-related resources to guide you through the hardest days.

  • On-demand support from our Care Team
  • Probate and estate guidance and resources
  • Guided grief support and meditations
  • Automated tool for closing accounts
  • Account sharing for up to 10 family members

Visit for complimentary access to the Empathy app.

Careopolis is a web/mobile online “caring community” which contains integrated tools and content, proven in enhancing togetherness, empathy and nostalgia.  Also in enabling friends and loved ones to become more part of the journey, and less of the landscape.

A Careopolis contains an integrated blog, storytelling solution, interactive calendar, photo-sharing tools and 3-D medical animations.  It is completely created, curated and operated by a family and their invited loved ones, requiring zero-touch of our organization.

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