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Shabbat of thankfulness and freedom

This is a Shabbat of thankfulness and freedom. We have left the desert and can continue on. May we all have a Shabbat in which we feel free, feel strong, feel protected. Shabbat Shalom!


Song at the Sea

Tonight we celebrate Shvii Shel Pesach the Seventh Day of Passover. We remember the splitting of the sea and how we sang to G-d after we made it safely across. May we all merit to find our path over troubled water and to sing our song of freedom. Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom from everyone at Chicago Jewish Funerals


Grief After Sudden Loss

Finding Hope and Healing JCFS Chicago and The Lauri S. Bauer Foundation for Sudden Loss present: The 7th Annual Conference on Help, Healing and Hope After Loss May 9 B’nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim 1201 Lake Cook Road Deerfield, IL 60015 Program 7:30pm, followed by Q&A with the audience. Register at  


Wishing you a Happy Passover

Dear Friends, On behalf of everyone here at Chicago Jewish Funerals, we wanted to wish all of you and your families a Happy, Healthy, and Joyful Passover! Just as a reminder, if you need Yahrzeit candles, please let us know, or you can come by our Buffalo Grove or Skokie chapels. Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach,   Chicago Jewish Funerals

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Have a Healthy and Meaningful Passover

In just a few days Jews the world over will celebrate Passover. Families will join together at the Seder to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt and how God “Passed-Over” the homes of the Jews who had marked their doorposts sparing them from any harm. In honor of Passover, Chicago Jewish Funerals placed four new Mezuzot in our

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Shabbat HaGadol

This week we recognize Shabbat HaGadol, the great shabbat before Passover. May everyone feel the excitement for our upcoming freedom and the miracles that god gives us as we leave Egypt. Shabbat Shalom!


Michael Ira Jacobson

This week, for the portion of Pekudei, we remember Michael Ira Jacobson, big brother of our founder, David. This week, the Torah discuss all the artistic details of the tabernacle and how impressive and beautiful it was. We remember Michael for how much life and beauty he brought to this world and the people around him. He joyfully served the

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Welcoming Yehuda

Chicago Jewish Funerals is proud to welcome Yehuda Polstein to our staff. Yehuda spent the last year attending Worsham College of Mortuary Sciences and is graduating this evening. Yehuda, and his wife Mashi, live in Northbrook with their four children. Happy to have you on the team! David Jacobson and everyone at Chicago Jewish Funerals


May everyone have a restful Shabbat!

This week, we are commanded to rest on Shabbat. This is a day that has kept the Jewish people and our peace of mind. The 7 day week system and especially the day of rest is a beautiful gift that the Jewish people gave the world, and something every person, no matter race or religion can benefit from. May everyone

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This week is all about forgiveness. When Moses comes down from the mountain to see that his people have created a golden calf to praise instead of the god who redeemed them from Egypt. God does not abandon them, he has Moses return with the 10 Commandments and forgives his people. May we all give other the chance to forgive

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