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Make the World a Better Place Calendar (5780-5781)

Make the World a Better Place – The Chicago Jewish Funerals Calendar (5780-5781) Our new 24-month calendar that spotlights Jewish community organizations is now available. Please use the form below to let us know where to send your calendar or just enter your name, email and then choose a location so we can have your calendar ready for you to pick up.


This week in Parashat Naso

This week in Parashat Naso, the priests are instructed how to bless the people. The blessing translates to: May YHVH bless you and keep you; May YHVH make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; May YHVH lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. In 1979 at a dig in a place called Kettef

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Shmita – Jubilee

This week, the portion is all about Shmita, the Jubilee year, the 7th year that we give our fields a sabbatical. Not only humans need this gift of rest time, as does our world. May we all be reminded that everything in creation deserves a break sometimes and treat our surroundings with patience and love. Shabbat Shalom! Featured in the

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Celebrate Lag B’Omer at The Great Jewish Family Festival!

Chicago Jewish Funerals is a proud sponsor of The Great Jewish Family Festival. Celebrate Lag B’ Omer with the whole community this Thursday, May 23rd at the Old Orchard Mall. The fair includes rides for all ages. Action-packed BMX freestyle stunt show! Plus an all you can eat food court by Mizrahi Grill. Brought to you by Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois

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Shabbat shalom!

This week we discuss holiness and service, especially the role of the high priest in the Temple. He serves the people in many ways, yet one way he is not allowed to serve is by participating in a burial or coming in contact with the deceased, unless it is a close family member. Judaism teaches us that each of us

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Counting to Shavuot

Today’s counting of Omer discusses the “yesod of tiferet”, or the elements of glory. May we all find glory and fascination in all the small things that this world has to offer us. Shabbat Shalom! Photo credit: Iris Jacobson at Lake Michigan this morning


Shabbat of thankfulness and freedom

This is a Shabbat of thankfulness and freedom. We have left the desert and can continue on. May we all have a Shabbat in which we feel free, feel strong, feel protected. Shabbat Shalom!


Dear Chicago Jewish Funerals

Thank you. Though loss is real and uncomfortable, in death we recognize our own strength. Amidst feelings of helplessness we feel how many truly care for us, how we are often surrounded by more love and support than we realize. If death is something we all must go through, it is better to go through it together – to appreciate

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Keshet program offers local employment resources for learning-disabled adults

We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful program, strengthening our community at every level. GADOL speaks to Chicago Jewish Funerals’ vision to serve and care for everyone in our community. We urge you to consider supporting this upstanding organization. “The GADOL program, which stands for “giving adults daily opportunities for living,” at Keshet provides vocational and

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L’Shana Tova

Wishing you the best for 5778   Dear Friends, On behalf of everyone here at Chicago Jewish Funerals, we wanted to wish all of you and your families a Meaningful, Healthy, and Sweet New Year! Just as a reminder, if you need Yahrzeit candles, please let us know, or you can come by our Buffalo Grove or Skokie chapels. Shannah

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