Have a Healthy and Meaningful Passover


Have a Healthy and Meaningful Passover

In just a few days Jews the world over will celebrate Passover. Families will join together at the Seder to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt and how God “Passed-Over” the homes of the Jews who had marked their doorposts sparing them from any harm.

In honor of Passover, Chicago Jewish Funerals placed four new Mezuzot in our Buffalo Grove Chapel. These four Mezuzot were brought from each of the four holy cities of Israel; Hebron, Tzfat, Tiberias, and Jerusalem. According to Jewish mystical thought the four cities represent the four basic elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.

As we celebrate the holiday of Passover with our loved ones – Let us remember to appreciate all the basic elements in our life.

Have a Healthy and Meaningful Passover –
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