It’s Purim Time!


It’s Purim Time!

Join us once again, for our 10th production of a Purim Shpiel, based (loosely) upon the Story of Esther.

Each year, we write, produce, direct, act, sing, dance, and dress up in custom made costumes to tell the story of Esther & Purim through musical theater. This year, in Young Esther Stein (YES), we use the characters from the scary movie genre that everyone knows to deliver a Purim story, the story of Esther.

The story is told with Count Dracula replacing King Ahasuerus, the Wolfman as Haman, and Esther Stein as Esther. Abbott and Costello replace Bigthan and Teresh who plan to kill the king, rather, the Count.

An original Purim Shpiel musical. The Purim Shpiel theme is always different with an original script written by congregation member & comedy genius Ken Dermer along with parodied songs (you’ve heard the melodies) that Mr. Dermer has written to help tell the story of Esther, and how she saved the Jews from the evil Haman and his plan to rid the Jews from existence.

Each year, we have broken the previous years attendance record and this year is certain to be no exception. We anticipate our first sell out as our social hall will max out at 350 seats per show.

View Pictures from Past Shows:

On-Line Sales will end at 12pm, March 15th and again at 12pm, March  22. Tickets will be available at the door (if the show does not sell out) and will increase by $5 for adults and $2 for children 12 and younger
S H O W  D A T E S:
March 16th – 8pm
March 17th  – 1:30pm
March 23rd –  8pm
March 24th –  1:30pm

T i c k e t s  N O W  O n  S a l e

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