Dear Community


Dear Community

I rarely post about the tragedies, especially that happens within our “peoplehood” or in the larger community because I know it won’t be too long until our hearts are broken again, and our safety and our feeling of security is shaken.

I want to share a little story and a song……

I have been an Elton John fan for many years.  I just loved the music without never really understanding the true meaning of the lyrics.  This past weekend I went to Elton John’s goodbye concert which was bitter sweet. I guess I too was saying goodbye to the opportunity to see him play live again.   I was so impressed that Sir Elton addressed the tragedy in Pittsburgh with sincerity and compassion.  He stressed that we all need to love each other…all of us in the human race… no exceptions!!!   Then I remembered  a song that Elton John and Bernie Taupin penned in 1974.  I am sad to say that not much has changed.  I want to share this song with you.  Listen to the ever-poignant words.

David I. Jacobson
Chicago Jewish Funerals

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