10 Signs of PTSD

A traumatic death can leave loved ones with emotional suffering long after the funeral. If someone you know had a tragic loss and shows several of the following symptoms, he or she may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).




  1. Has nightmares, vivid memories or flashbacks of the surrounding events of their loved one’s passing
  2. Is highly anxious, panicky, has feelings of impending danger
  3. Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  4. Poor focus & concentration
  5. Poor eye contact
  6. Using alcohol or drugs to numb emotional pain
  7. Is unusually irritable and engages in inter-personal conflict
  8. Avoids places or things that remind them of the trauma
  9. Shows signs of depression
  10. Has multiple physical ailments


There is help! Evidence based techniques can eliminate the symptoms. Call a trauma informed counselor, Felice Block:

Felice Block, M.A., LCPC
4160 Rte. 83 Suite 206
Long Grove, Illinois 60047

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