Why the CJF Tie?


Why the CJF Tie?

Several years after founding the company I was to attend a benefit for the Reform movement and my wife Iris bought me a very unique tie as a gift to wear to that event. Frankly, the tie was a luxury that we really couldn’t afford. While at this benefit, a stranger approached me and said “That’s a very nice tie, may I ask you who made it?” I thanked the man for his complement and proudly responded, “It is a Robert Daskal”.  As I reached to shake the man’s hand and to introduce myself, he met my handshake with “I’m Robert Daskal and it’s a pleasure to meet you”.

Mr. Daskal and I became very good friends over the years and during the course of our relationship, I asked Mr. Daskal to produce both a tie and a scarf that would be exclusive to Chicago Jewish Funerals and that our staff could wear daily. Mr. Daskal designed a beautiful stained glass theme incorporating Stars of David in their pattern. My staff and I have proudly worn them for many years now.

Each of these CJF ties and scarves are wearable works of art, similar to one another in design but also unique, as they are each individually hand painted. Aside from their own innate beauty, these ties and scarves that adorn our staff members serve to also make us easily identifiable at funeral services. It’s possible that you may have even seen one of our ties or scarves in your office, synagogue or other family event.


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