Building communities in Israel.


Building communities in Israel.

My name is Talia Jacobson and I am a participant on Nachshon, an Israeli mechina in Southern Israel. It is a gap year for Israelis, conducted entirely in Hebrew, before army service where we learn, volunteer and travel all around Israel. The mission is to make a positive impact on Israeli society and ourselves.

This pesach, we are looking forward to supplying a kaytana (kids camp) for under privledged kids in Netivot, which is in the south of Israel. We are working with an organization called “Potchim Atid”, which is a group that helps children who are in tough home situations. There will be 140 children participating in the kaytana, all of whom are between 3rd and 6th grades from April 1-5.

We are building our kaytana from the ground up. The people in our mechina are the counselors, the coordinators and everything. For this all to work, we are also looking for donations of any kind, may it be snacks, bus rides, art supplies, money or whatever anyone is willing to help us with.

If you are interested, here is some information in order to donate, or please contact me for any questions or more details you would like to know and anyone from the mechina will be happy to speak with you.

Talia Jacobson-
Yaakov Gatu-
Omri Arzi-

Transfer details for out of Israel donations:
Bank Leumi
Account name: Nachshon-Hamidrasha
Account #: 700313/65
Branch code: 950
Address: 5 Herzl St., Netanya, 42400
Swift code: LUMIILIT950
IBAN code: IL07 0109 5000 0007 0031 365

For all donations above 1,000 dollars, there is a tax exempt with this organization only. All other routes of donation will be taxed.

Your help would be much appreciated and thank you for your consideration!

Talia and Mechinat Nachshon

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