Chicago Jewish Funerals New Chapel in Skokie – At a Glance


Chicago Jewish Funerals New Chapel in Skokie – At a Glance

8851 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie, Il 60077
The new Chicago Jewish Funerals Skokie Chapel is located at the intersection of Skokie Boulevard and Dempster Street in Skokie.

Architectural highlights:
The new 15,000 sq. ft. building includes:
• The two chapels are filled with natural day light.
• Beautiful Jerusalem stone is used throughout and to accent important parts of the building.
• Natural maple cabinetry gives the building a light, contemporary, yet personal feel.
• Energy efficient lighting (florescent and neon).
• Exterior aluminum panels include insulation.

The chapels
Two chapels
* One chapel can seat up to 250 people
* A second intimate chapel can seat 50 people or be used for overflow capacity.
* Each chapel is equipped with sound systems and monitors for multimedia presentations, photo montages or musical presentations.

Attention to Service

Privacy: Each chapel has a private family room with private entrance to the chapel, a private bath room, and a comfortable space for gathering.

Accessible: All public spaces are handicapped accessible and located on the main floor. Arrangements and casket selection room are all conducted on the main floor as well.

Sensitive to Clergy Needs. The new building has a private clergy study, where clergy may go to prepare for the service. The study includes a private bathroom.

Security System. A state-of-the art security system surrounds the building including security cameras, key card access into the building, and ongoing communication with the Skokie Police Department.

Attention to Detail

The Kohain Building. The gutters between the Kohain building and the main building were pushed even further away in the even that ice formed in the gutters, and the two buildings were connected by ice.

Kohain Building. The Kohain building is equipped with a camera that will allow Kohain Rabbi to officiate the service from the building, electronically.

Mikva. The new building has a Mikva, which will allow for families who wish to observe this tradition, to bath their deceased’s remains.

Attention to Tradition

The new Skokie Chapel offers a Mikva
After the deceased’s body has been prepared, when the family requests, the body can be ritually bathed in a Mikva. This is a traditional part of the Jewish funeral service. Water for the Mikva will be both harvested rain water and tap water.

The new Skokie chapel offers a Kohain Building.
This sacred space is set aside for members of the Jewish community who are Kohanim, descendents of the high priests of the Bible. Kohanim had a special role in the Temple in Jerusalem and because of their role they had commandments which applied only to them. One of these commandments is to refrain from being in close proximity to the deceased, except for immediate family.

In honor of this tradition, Chicago Jewish Funerals provides a Kohain building, a separate structure from the funeral home. Here people may watch a service or, officiate over a service on camera that is built into the building. The Kohain building was created to serve all of our Jewish community.

Attention to Privacy

Staff offices are located on the second floor of the building in a beautiful, light-filled open space. The area includes a kitchen and bath with shower.

Preparation rooms are located on the lower level and accessible by elevator or stairs.

Alexander & Associates

Syntech Construction Group

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